Compliance Excellence is more than just a second opinion.

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​​​What is Compliance Excellence?

In the simplest terms this is a program that is designed to look at the global dangerous goods map of the world and GPS your company's exact location.

Your organization has invested in dangerous goods training, to be certified in offering, transporting and handling hazardous materials. It is time to take the next step and build upon your Safety and Compliance Processes. 

Compliance Excellence is a step-by-step program that will examine your existing dangerous goods processes with the goal of increasing efficiency, decreasing cost and guaranteeing that compliance is always achieved.


The Compliance Excellence program will focus on numerous key areas such as:

  • Classification of your dangerous goods
  • Determine if your dangerous goods qualify for any of the over 40 Special Provisions defined in the TDG Regulations. 
  • ​Evaluate your existing packaging systems and explore possible alternatives
  • Examine your current documentation and archiving processes.

Upon completion of the Compliance Excellence Program we will provide a detailed report mapping out your exact compliance position and make recommendations aimed at increasing efficiency, reducing cost without ever jeopardizing your company's compliance with the TDG Regulations.




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