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To have your dangerous goods prepare simply contact us to get your shipment on its way

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Question: When does my company need your repacking service?

Answer: If your company has not  yet provided your employees with training in accordance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act & Regulations Part 6 then this service is for you. 

Question: My company has employee trained in the TDG for surface road and rail transport. Can I also use this certification to ship my dangerous goods as air and ocean cargo as well?

Answer: NO. Air and ocean transport requires additional certification training in the use of International Regulations such as ICAO / IATA for air cargo and IMDG Code for ocean cargo

Convenient, quick and reliable

Many companies do not ship dangerous goods often enough and have decided to use our dangerous goods repacking service as a convenient option. In nearly every case we are able to prepare dangerous goods as a same day service. Finally, with over 10,000 shipments prepared we have achieved a 100% success rate in reliable delivery.

In the most basic terms, simply tell us what you have and where it needs to go and we will take care of the rest!

over 10, 000  DG shipments safely delivered and counting