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​​Each course is designed to provide sound knowledge of the Transportation of dangerous goods for anyone who offers for transport, transports or handles dangerous goods. All courses include knowledge of provincial, federal and international regulations including classifications, documentation, safety marks (placarding), and accidental release procedures.

Course Content
• Exemptions
• Classifications
• Documentation
• Safety marks
• Means of containment
• Accidental release procedures
• Enforcement

Course Objectives
At the end of each course, participants will have the ability to:
• Apply the TDG Regulations specific to road, rail, ocean or air correctly
• Learn how to fully comply with the transportation of dangerous goods regulations
• Comply with the legal requirements
• Understand the enforcements and fines
• Differentiate between shipper’s and carrier’s responsibility
• Identify the 9 dangerous goods classes
• Inspect markings and applying Placards (when applicable)
• Recognize and read a shipping document
• Recognize a proper means of containment
• Recognize when an exemption is applied
• Identify when an ERAP is applied
• Knowing the what to do in the case of an accidental release

Dangerous goods training